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Terry customizes his keynote speeches to entertain and engage the audience at your next event. 

Dancer to Commando:

How to Overcome Any Obstacle 

Each of us has to face personal challenges every day, and it can be hard to find a strategy to overcome those hurdles. Whether you succeed or fail depends on your mindset, and as Terry believes, a sense of humor. He has experienced everything from selling apples door-to-door at age 7 to working as a television host for the BBC as a teenager.

None of the challenges he faced are more entertaining and inspiring than the move from dancer to British Royal Marine Commando, one of the most elite military units in the British military. The lessons Terry learned during this transition will help you discover your Commando spirit and ultimately triumph over any obstacle.  


An entertaining and engaging keynote to launch, close, or anchor your event! 

D.I.R.T. Dangerous Individual Recognition Training®

Body Language | Mindset | Strategy



Attention to Detail

Situational Awareness



Group Safety


Problem Solving

In an unpredictable world, employee safety is achieved through the application of multiple strategies comprising of body language decoding, environmental awareness, & reality-based plans that deal with likely threats.


Personal safety for the entire team, on or off the clock.

Mastering Body Language for Leaders

Decode | Inspire | Impact

Effective communication is a critical skill for leaders in any organization.


Leaders must be aware of their nonverbal signals to connect with coworkers, employees, and board members. Additionally, they should be able to decode the nuances of behavioral cues displayed by others in various circumstances, as this skill directly impacts the leader's ability to build and maintain rapport and trust at every level of an organization. 


Mastering Body Language for Leaders will provide a framework of strategies to improve nonverbal interpretation and ensure that every communication is a success.



Mastering Body Language for Emotional Intelligence

Defuse | Improve | Influence

There are three major components to every interaction: The body language signals you send, the nonverbal signals the other person displays, and the interaction between each party throughout the exchange.


Body Language for Emotional Intelligence ensures you are cognizant of your nonverbal communication, whilst empowering you with the ability to decode the signals of others.





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