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A Commando's Guide to 

Communication in an Age of Masks

Masks have become commoplace and are being enforced worldwide due to the pandemic. It makes communication and rapport building more difficult which can hinder sales and other social interactions with employees and clients. Terry teaches you to utilize a multitude of nonverbal signals to promote clear communication and keep your business thriving in an age of masks.

Spot the differences!

Below are a few highlighted topics covered in this virtual workshop or online course:

  • Principles of decoding body language

  • The secret to staying anchored & attentive

  • Reading the eyes & eyebrows

  • Head emblems, position & body angles

  • Shoulder displays  

  • Arm gestures: blocking, soothing & confidence

  • Powerful hand gestures

  • Ventral orientation & alignment

  • Feet & stance displays 

  • Vocal variety, pauses, & professionalism 

Practicing efficient communication in the presence of a mask might seem like an insurmountable challenge, but for the leaders and professionals who can master the art of interpreting nonverbal signals, they will find themselves part of an elite group who will excel and flourish in their field while others flounder. 
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