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Your Video Advantage:

How to Be Great in Front of the Camera

Any type of public speaking is part art, part science, & lots of practice. In addition, video content will soon surpass all other social media marketing engagement & should receive the bulk of a corporations marketing attention. To ensure a video marketing campaign successfully achieves one or all of the following - brand awareness, engagement, sales, customer loyalty, or service, companies must ask themselves three questions:

Who will be the face for your company or brand? 

Will they be perceived as authentic, competent, & trustworthy?  

Will they capture the attention of your audience in less than 7.6 seconds?

Nonverbal communication will impact viewer response in a matter of seconds & needs to be coached to ensure success. 

 Available as a Workshop, Keynote, or Coaching

You Could Be Next - Identify a Threat Before it's Too Late

D.I.R.T. Dangerous Individual Recognition Training®

Your personal safety advantage. The ultimate customizable employee personal safety workshop improving:



Attention to Detail

Situational Awareness

People Reading






Problem Solving


In an unpredictable world, employee safety is achieved through the application of multiple strategies comprising of body language decoding, environmental awareness, & reality-based plans that deal with likely threats, including:

  • Workplace Violence

  • Active Shooter Attack  

Available as a Workshop or Keynote

Better Business Relationships & Sales

Building Rapport 

Before a customer decides to purchase, they have to like, know, & trust the salesperson. People trust body language more than the words they hear. Sales professionals must know how to use their nonverbal communication before they can focus on decoding others. A salesforce with the emotional intelligence to master their signals, while simultaneously decoding their clients, will close more deals & experience greater job satisfaction than those that can’t.   

Available as a Workshop or a Keynote 


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