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"Everyone is an open book if you know how to read their body language."

Terry Vaughan

Former Royal Marines Commando

Are you worried about your employees effectively communicating while wearing masks?

Nonverbal communication will impact viewer response in a matter of seconds! 

Any type of public speaking is part art, part science, & lots of practice. In addition, video content will soon surpass all other social media marketing engagement & should receive the bulk of a corporation's marketing attention. To ensure a video marketing campaign successfully achieves one or all of the following - brand awareness, engagement, sales, customer loyalty, or service, companies must ask themselves several questions:

Who will be the face for the company or brand? You? 

Will they or you be perceived as authentic, competent, & trustworthy?  

Will this person capture the attention of your audience in less than 7.6 seconds?

The online course will teach you how to overcome numerous hurdles, including nerves, so that you can deliver an authentic and engaging version of yourself and grow your business using video content creation.

Available as an online course, workshop, or keynote.

The ultimate advanced employee personal safety workshop or keynote, improving:



Attention to Detail

Situational Awareness



Group Safety


Problem Solving

In an unpredictable world, employee safety is achieved through the application of multiple strategies comprising of body language decoding, environmental awareness, & reality-based plans that deal with likely threats.


Before a customer decides to purchase, they have to like, know, & trust the salesperson. People trust body language more than the words they hear. Sales professionals must know how to use their nonverbal communication before they can focus on decoding others. A salesforce with the emotional intelligence to master their signals, while simultaneously decoding their clients, will close more deals, build a better rapport & experience greater job satisfaction than those that can’t.   

Available as a workshop or keynote.

Terry's unexpected journey from teenage television host for the BBC, to dance school, into one of the most elite military units in the British armed forces, the Royal Marine Commandos. Success on this journey was all about attitude, perseverance, & a great sense of humor. The same attributes necessary to succeed in any business!

An entertaining & engaging keynote to launch, close, or anchor your event! 

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