Body Language | Mindset | Strategy

"Everyone is an open book if you know how to read their body language." - Terry Vaughan

Empower your employees with the skills they need to effectively communicate

 while wearing a mask!

A Commando's Guide to

Killin’ it on Video

On average, an individual will have less than 8 seconds to capture the audience's attention!

Whether you or your employees are using a camera for virtual meetings, sales, customer service, or social media content, this virtual workshop will teach how to overcome numerous hurdles to deliver authentic, engaging, and professional content when it counts the most!

Beating Nerves & Anxiety 

Confidence & Authenticity

Why Camera Angles Matter

Eye Contact & Breaks

Powerful Hand Gestures

Speaking Skills to Seal the Deal

Available as a virtual workshop or keynote.

A Commando's Guide to

D.I.R.T. Dangerous Individual Recognition Training®

The ultimate advanced employee personal safety workshop or keynote, improving:



Attention to Detail

Situational Awareness



Group Safety


Problem Solving

In an unpredictable world, employee safety is achieved through the application of multiple strategies comprising of body language decoding, environmental awareness, & reality-based plans that deal with likely threats.


You Could Be Next. Identify a Threat Before it's Too Late.

A Commando's Guide to

Emotional Intelligence

There are three major components to every interaction: The body language signals you send, the nonverbal signals the other person displays, and the interaction between each party throughout the exchange. Body Language for Emotional Intelligence ensures you are cognizant of your nonverbal communication, whilst empowering you with the ability to decode the signals of others.

Available as a workshop or keynote.

Dancer to Commando:

How to Overcome Any Obstacle 

Terry's unexpected journey from teenage television host for the BBC, to dance school, into one of the most elite military units in the British armed forces, the Royal Marine Commandos. Success on this journey was all about attitude, perseverance, & a great sense of humor. The same attributes necessary to succeed in any business!

An entertaining & engaging keynote to launch, close, or anchor your event! 


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