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D.I.R.T. Safety for Agents E-Book
with Checklist, Client Questions, & Incident Report

Empowering agents with essential safety tips before, during, and after a showing.

Think of personal safety like a game plan for a championship game. You're the star player in the fast-paced world of real estate, where every open house or client meeting is a new round in the game.

Your goal? To win, of course – winning here means growing your business, wowing your clients, and most importantly, making it home safe every single day.


Normally $29.99

On Sale for $25.00

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Now, what's a star player without a solid strategy? That's where your collection of safety tactics comes in. They're like your secret moves or plays you've got up your sleeve, designed to keep you out of harm's way. These aren't just random tips and tricks; they're your personalized game plan for safety.

As a woman in real estate, you've got this incredible ability to read the room – it's like a superpower. You're not just selling properties; you're building dreams, making connections, and sometimes, doing all this in high heels–more on this IN THE E-BOOK! But with this superpower comes the need to be super vigilant. It's about turning your intuition up a notch, being aware of who's around you, and trusting
that gut feeling when something doesn't feel right.

Each tactic you learn – whether it's how to scan a potential client, how to communicate assertively, or how to make a quick exit – is a step toward not just avoiding danger but actually taking control of your space and your safety. You're not just hoping for the best; you're guaranteeing your well-being by creating an invisible shield around yourself.

So, as you step out there, remember: your personal safety strategy isn't just a list of dos and don'ts. It's your playbook for success. It's about being alert but also about being confident and empowered. After all, when you're safe and secure, you're at your best – and that's when you truly shine in your career.

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