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You Deserve to Feel Safe & In Control!

Unlock the Power of
Personal Safety

Transform fear into confidence with proven tactics for navigating the world securely.

Why You Need This Guide–In a world where uncertainty looms around every corner, knowledge and preparation are your best allies. Whether you're navigating nighttime streets, managing daily responsibilities, or exploring new adventures, this book equips you with the tools to confidently face any situation. Learn how to read subtle cues, understand the psychology of potential threats, and master the art of proactive safety. 

Chapter Sneak Peak

Chapter 1: TIME–Discover the critical role time plays in safety, learning to anticipate and react swiftly to potential dangers.

Chapter 2: ENVIRONMENT–Learn how to read the environment for safety cues, transforming everyday spaces into your secure haven. 

Chapter 3: DISTANCE–Master the art of maintaining the right distance in any scenario to safeguard your personal space. 

Chapter 4: DEMEANOR–Uncover how the ability to interpret body language and behavioral cues allows you to anticipate and adapt to various interactions safely and confidently.

Meet Your Guide to Safety

Terry Vaughan, a seasoned expert in personal safety, draws from years of experience, research, and teaching to bring you this transformative guide. With a background in the British Military serving with the Royal Marine Commandos, Terry shares insights and strategies to empower readers of all ages and walks of life. 

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Terry has always been passionate about helping people stay safe. However, his motivation reached new heights after his daughter faced an active shooter on her university campus. Now, Terry is driven to empower women and students with personal safety skills, enabling them to become both self-defenders and watchful protectors of others. His ultimate goal is to create secure, supportive communities everywhere.

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