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Recognizing & Decoding Different Emotions on Each Side of the Face

Are you frustrated by misunderstandings in team discussions?

Whether you're a human resource professional, leader, salesperson, or part of a dynamic team, understanding lateralized emotion displayed on the human face is invaluable. This phenomenon, where different emotions are expressed on different halves of the face, can be a window into the complex emotional states of colleagues, clients, and team members.

Studies, including research by Nicholls et al. (2002) in "Brain and Cognition,” suggest that this occurs due to the brain's hemispheric specialization. For instance, the right hemisphere, which controls the left side of the face, is often more active in expressing negative emotions. This can lead to mixed emotion displays, offering a unique insight into a person's true feelings. For leaders, this awareness fosters empathetic and effective management. For salespeople, it's crucial to understand customer responses, leading to more effective communication and sales strategies. Recognizing these subtle emotional cues in employee relationships and interdepartmental communications can enhance collaboration and resolve conflicts more efficiently.

By improving your organization's ability to read these complex emotional signals, you not only bolster your professional skillset but also contribute to a more emotionally intelligent and responsive work environment. Dive into this video to explore the fascinating world of lateralized emotional expressions and how they can transform your approach in various professional roles.


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